A Family of Waterbased Acrylics Based on a Unique Self-Crosslinking Mechanism

A family of waterbased acrylics based on a unique self-crosslinking mechanism will be presented that offer high-performance solutions across a variety of coating applications. These acrylics are characterized by physical testing properties that are much higher than traditional waterbased acrylics.   Application formulas have also been developed for use on multiple substrates including wood, concrete, paper and plastic, offering high performance and versatility within this family of waterbased acrylics.


Dana Charron is the Technical Sales Manager for Interpolymer Corporation based out of the headquarters in Canton, MA.  He has over 25 years of experience in synthesis, formulation, and application of waterbased polymers for the coatings industry.  He also has 10 years of experience in new business development for waterbased polymers.  He has a Masters in Synthesis & Analysis of Polymers from Illinois Institute of Technology and a Bachelors in Chemistry from Salem State University.