FEVE Fluoropolymer Resins for High Performance Architectural Powder Coatings

Fluoroethylene vinyl ether resins provide superior weatherability to powder coatings.  FEVE resins are alternating copolymers of fluoroethylene and vinyl ether units.  FEVE resins have a unique chemistry.  The vinyl ether component allows for the incorporation of functionality including hydroxyl functionality.  Hydroxyl groups can be reacted with polyisocyanate crosslinkers.  The resulting crosslinked films have excellent weathering, corrosion, and chemical resistance.  Coatings based on FEVE resin technology are used in powder coatings that pass AAMA 2605.  This paper will review the fundamentals of FEVE resin technology.  It will also present advances in applications of FEVE resins for powder coatings.  This will include a discussion of new technology for metallic formulations as well an approach to improve dirt pick-up resistance.  FEVE- based- powder coating formulations with a matt appearance will be discussed as well.


Dr. Hongli Wang started her current job at AGC Chemicals Americas in March 2016. She is supporting the Lumiflon® powder coatings.  Dr. Wang has been working in the powder coating industry for several years, mostly through her previous job at DuPont. Dr. Wang has a Ph.D. in applied physics and a MBA in marketing and international business.