Ambient Curing Silicone Resin Technology for High Temperature Resistant Coatings

The use of silicon-based materials in architectural and industrial markets has and continues to expand from niche utility to being viewed as premium technology for high-performance coatings. Silicone resins and resin intermediates can offer improved resistance to temperature, moisture, corrosion, electrical discharge, and weathering; this allows formulators to create optimal performing heat resistance paints, industrial maintenance, and protective coatings.

After a composition has been chosen to meet performance requirements, cure conditions must be considered; while film formation may be modified, it is imperative to ensure film properties are not compromised by deviating from the cure which is inherent to the chosen resin technology. In the past, formulators have used heat to promote full cure in silicone based coatings. However with regulatory compliance changes and the trend towards low energy curable coatings, formulators started seeking out options to modify silicone resins to achieve full cure at ambient temperature, while still maintaining heat resistance, hydrophobicity, impact resistance, and flexibility. A new platform of ambient curing silicone resins with various catalyst choices to achieve previously mentioned performances has emerged to service the industrial coatings market, and will continue to grow as the demand for alternative performance requirements evolves.


Jenafer Jensen joined Dow Corning Corporation in 2010 after graduating from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. She started her career as a Process Engineer in Solar Solutions, working in the Encapsulation and Photovoltaic Programs; Jenafer also spent time as a Process Engineer for the High Temperature Resins and Intermediates product line at Dow Corning. Currently, Jenafer provides technical service for silicone based additives, heat resistant resins, and hydrophobic coatings for the Paints, Inks, and Construction Chemicals industries.