Functionality 4.0 in two component polyurethane coatings.

Polycaprolactone polyols for coatings are aliphatic polyester polyols derived from Caprolactone monomer and multifunctional glycols. The ring opening polymerisation yields a polyol with an exact functionality and extremely high quality. The presentation will show the incorporation of Capa™ 4101, a 250 equivalent weight tetrol, into an acrylic polyurethane coating formulation at low to medium addition rate. The resulting properties will be discussed from the perspective of mechanical properties and chemical resistance.


Joel Neale graduated the University of Liverpool with a Masters in Chemistry and with a year’s research in industry.

Worked for Perstorp for 6 years as a business Development scientist, market development manager and now product manager for the Caprolactone polyols. Experience in polyester synthesis, urethane chemistry and polymer chemistry.