Wax Additives as Surface Modifiers for Coatings

Wax additives are used as surface modifiers in coating formulations and printing inks to provide anti-blocking, slip, matting, hydrophobicity, burnish and abrasion resistance.

Besides the chemical nature of the waxes, the particle size – distribution, concentration, substrate, form of delivery and curing conditions are all equally important to consider for achieving the desired surface properties.

The presentation provides basic guidelines for selecting a wax when trying to achieve the desired results based on the above factors. Areas of focus include waxes for UV systems, matting with good clarity and Anti-graffiti.


Ms. Kajal Parekh is currently the lab manager of the coatings application group at Münzing. Here the focus of the group is to identify and develop additives for PCA customers (printing inks, coatings and adhesives).

She has been with Munzing for ~ 8.5 years and prior to that worked in Motorola as a chemist for a short time on micro fuel cells.

Her background is in Material Science and Engineering and Polymer Technology.