Kevin Braun

Keynote Speaker:

Kevin D. Braun
Vice President, Industrial Coatings, Americas

Kevin D. Braun is vice president, industrial coatings, Americas, of PPG Industries.

Braun joined PPG in 1991 as production engineer at the Delaware, Ohio, coatings manufacturing facility. He joined the industrial coatings business in 1994 as sales/service representative, appliance division, and he moved to the fiber glass business in 1997 as market development manager. In 2000, Braun returned to industrial coatings as market manager, consumer electronics, and in 2001, he became a regional sales manager for industrial coatings.

Braun joined the architectural coatings business as national sales manager for the Lowe’s account in 2003, and he was named zone sales director for Midwest dealers and stores in 2007. Later that year, Braun relocated to Sydney as general manager, architectural coatings, ANZ (Australia and New Zealand). He was appointed general manager, silica products, in 2011; vice president, global raw materials and Americas purchasing, in August 2013; and then to his current position later that month.

Braun earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Business Administration degree from Capital University.

Keynote Address:

The Future of the Coating Industry: How Current Trends Are Driving Change

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

The world is moving faster and growing greener. These two megatrends are coalescing in the coatings industry in the form of new demand for products that integrate mobility and environmental protection.

This presentation will explore digital transformation and emerging mobility-related technologies – autonomous vehicles and parts-manufacturing , for instance – and the challenges and opportunities they present to coatings manufacturers. General topics will include:

Coatings for lightweighting and multi-substrate surfaces incorporating advanced alloys, printed materials and high-strength composites, such as those that blend aluminum, steel, plastics, magnesium and fiber-reinforced polymers.

  • The latest advancements in functional coatings, for example those that self-clean, de-fog, de-ice or self-heal for greater longevity and vehicle safety; as well as those that enhance the delivery of information to vehicles via electrical conductivity, radio-frequency or other embedded signal-collection properties.
  • The potential and possibilities for multi-purpose mobility coatings that layer more than one functionality into a single formulation.

In addition, new solutions for traditional coatings industry challenges, such as improved corrosion resistance, less energy-intensive curing, better quality control, more efficient production and expanded aesthetics options (color, gloss and effects), also will be discussed.