Advances in Waterborne Rheology Formulating with Next Generation Nonionic Synthetic Associative Thickeners

Improved thickening efficiency is the order of the day in the architectural waterborne coatings world. VOC regulations have driven latex manufacturers to develop new systems that allow formulators to be in compliance. Unfortunately these new latex systems interact very differently with the functional additives and the rheology modifiers are typically much less efficient.

The next generation of thickener technology discussed here is intended to offer the formulator options in resolving the issue of thickener inefficiency, while maintaining paint performance properties. These properties include viscosity retention on tinting, color stability, sag resistance and leveling.

Key Words: Next generation thickeners, Rheology control, sag & leveling control, color viscosity control.


Lincy Gurusamy has been in the coatings industry for the last 8 years. She is currently serving in the role of Senior Technical Service Chemist at Elementis Specialties for the Waterborne Decorative Coatings group. She joined Elementis in November, 2012.

Prior to Elementis, she worked at The Dow Chemical Company- Spring House, PA in the Adhesives and Functional materials group.

She received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University.