Alkoxylated APE-free pigment wetting and dispersing agents – The role of hydrophilic/ lipophilic balance

New APE-free surfactants were developed as pigment wetting and dispersing agents for waterborne architectural paints. The new wetting and dispersing agents are alkoxylated nonionic surfactants, with HLB value ranging from 11 to 17. Evaluation of the hydrophilicity balance of the surfactants in comparison with a conventional APE surfactant showed that the product containing the higher HLB value presented a superior scrub resistance property in comparison with the others, while maintaining the characteristics desired for a high-quality paint.
To evaluate the consequence of the molecule´s property on the surface of the dry paint film that resulted in a better water resistance, different paint formulations were also considered, to detect the effects of the surfactant during paint manufacture in different conditions.


Marina Chieregati Passarelli received her bachelor´s degree in Chemistry with Technological Attributions at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), in São Paulo. Nowadays, she is a Researcher at Oxiteno and is responsible for developments of additives for the Paint & Coatings segment.