Rapidly Curing Adhesion Promoting Oligomers


Matt Terwillegar, Myriant Corporation

UV/EB curing technology currently enjoys a “green” or “eco-friendly” label based on 100% reactive, solvent-free formulations and low curing energy. Greater utilization of bio-renewable materials will only help to bolster that image. Recently, Myriant Corporation had developed MyribondTM adhesion promoting oligomers in an effort to bridge the gap in adhesion between UV and conventional coatings systems. While MyribondTM does indeed demonstrate excellent adhesion, the cure speed is problematic. It was too slow to cure. Recent work has therefore concentrated on increasing the cure speed without sacrificing adhesion. This paper will demonstrate adhesion to both low energy substrates such as polypropylene and polyethylene as well as high energy substrates such as metal and glass with commensurate line speeds. These oligomers have neither a “green premium”, nor a performance penalty.