Fast Dry DTM Alkyd Emulsion with Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Alkyd emulsion technology for DTM applications has been in the marketplace for a number of years. However, the current commercial offerings generally fall short for either speed of dry or corrosion protection. The ultimate goal is to develop a fast dry alkyd emulsion with excellent corrosion resistance.
This paper will review the development of a DTM alkyd emulsion that exhibits fast dry with excellent salt spray results at 300 hours. Benchmarking studies against commercially available alkyd emulsions and solvent-borne alkyds will be reviewed.


Michael Knight received his BS in Chemistry from Western Illinois University in 1978 and later completed his MBA at Wayne State University in 1994.
After graduating with his BS, he started a 20 year career with BASF Automotive OEM Coatings in product development working on resin development, electrodepostion coatings, high solids primers, Stone Guard™ chip resistant coatings, waterborne basecoats, and etch resistant clearcoats, leading product development teams for the latter three product lines.   Later he led development teams for 2K urethane for school bus, waterborne basecoats for Heavy Truck and color keyed primers for automotive TPO bumpers.
In 1998, Mike started working for McWhorter Technologies, now Polynt Composites.   There he has worked as an Application Chemist, a Technical Market Specialist, and an Account Manager and, now as the Coatings Technical Assistance Manager.  Since 1984, his major focus has been on waterborne resins and coatings including polyester dispersions and alkyd emulsions.