New Developments in Dispersant Technology for Water Based Coatings

Münzing’s new EDAPLAN® 490 series polymeric dispersants were developed for universal use in water based coatings to allow for a high pigment concentration with a low dispersant level.  The mechanism of pigment stabilization of the EDAPLAN® 490 series combines both electrostatic repulsion and steric hindrance.  This is due to the chemical structure of the dispersants which are based on a high molecular weight copolymer with hydrophobic/hydrophilic character, generated by the frequency and type of introduced side chains and functional groups.  Different pigment anchoring groups are attached to provide use for organic, inorganic, and carbon black pigments.  This chemistry also has no negative influence on coatings properties like water resistance, film hardness, and scrub resistance.  Some additional advantages include high color strength development, no foam generation, and broad compatibility with various binder types.


Stefanie Bistis has hands on experience with dispersants while working as an Applications Chemist for the PCA department of Münzing since March 2014. At Münzing her role also encompasses technical service and R&D work in the lab as well as providing technical support to the sales team in the field.

Her background includes a degree in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology along with previous experience in the coatings field.