Traves Ogilvie

Traves W. Ogilvie is a Technical Sales Representative for Poraver North America. Mr. Ogilvie is responsible for sales in (26) States in the Eastern USA, and also manages Poraver’s thermoset-resin Distributor nationwide. Mr. Ogilvie has been with Poraver for 3 ½ years and is an expert on LEED topics and is a registered LEED Accredited Professional (AP). Mr. Ogilvie has worked in the building-products, and commercial construction industries, for his entire (28) year career. Before coming to Poraver, Mr. Ogilvie was developing a Polymer Concrete product that was ultimately used by the MTA on their East Side Access project. Prior to that, Mr. Ogilvie was the Engineering Manager for Neptune Benson which is company working in the large-scale water filtration industry.