Bernd Baeurer

Bernd Baeurer


VARIPHOB - Silicone Hybrid Technology & Biocide Free Hydrophobic Agents for Architectural Coatings

Bernd Baeurer is currently the Technology & Business Development Manager at CHT USA, which has two production and lab facilities in Cassopolis, Michigan and in Richmond, Virginia.   After 3 years of valuable life lessons during a hands-on apprenticeship as Lab Coating Technician at a German industrial coating manufacturer FreiLacke (according to CoatingsWorld, 71st place among the world’s leading manufacturers in 2020). Bernd graduated with a master`s degree in Applied Surface & Material Science and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering / Paints & Coatings from the University of Esslingen, Germany.

He joined CHT Germany at the headquarter in Tuebingen in April 2016 as Technology Manager. At the R&D bench, Bernd developed all forms of liquid and powder-based defoamer & deaerator products that are used in Printing Inks, Coatings and Mineral Building Materials like self-levelling underlayments. He travelled on behalf of CHT to visit many global customers and helped them with his technical expertise to support, solve application needs, and to launch new additives in the market. End of 2017, Bernd took over the role as Business Development Manager. He developed the global key business activities to grow sales within the Printing inks segment.

In 2019, Bernd got the opportunity to relocate to the United States to support CHT USA in setting up the Construction business field, provide technical knowledge and expertise on new technologies and assist in the local product development within the field of Paints & Coatings, Inks, and Mineral Building Materials.