Eastern Coatings Show 2021 Short Course

The Composition of Coatings, and the Function of Raw Materials to Provide Expected Performance

Eastern Coatings Show Short Course 2021, November 17th 13:00 to 17:00

The 4 hour lecture based short course will introduce fundamental concepts of raw material building blocks for the four major polymer types used coatings. 

Introducing structure-property-performance relationships, common monomer, prepolymer, and architectures in polyester, polyepoxides, polyurethanes, and addition polymers. Stoichiometry, crosslinking, delta Tg upon crosslinking, methods for calculating estimated material properties, and reaction design for prepolymers will be introduced.  These concepts will be translated to formulation ratios, material combinations, inherent VOC differences, and the utility of different characterization methods and performance measurements.


Esteemed Speakers:

Dr. James W. Rawlins

Dr. David Fasano

Michael D Blanton

  1. Polyesters
    • Major monomers and polymer and prepolymer architectures
    • Solvents, solvent evaporation and residual/trapped solvent
  2. Polyepoxides
    • Entanglement molecular weight, rheology and polymer growth
    • Stoichiometry
    • Crosslinking and Tg
    • Polymer crosslinker functionality and rheology and vitrification
  1. Polyurethanes
    • Urethane crosslinker and prepolymer synthesis
    • Reaction design and stoichiometric inversion
  1. Polyacrylates/vinyls
    • Fox equation
    • Random copolymer
    • Functionalized materials
    • Emulsions
    • Blends
  1. Overview of coatings formulations
    • Types of coatings and their most common applications
    • General formulation principals
    • Most common calculations for coatings formulation
  1. Overview of characterization methods
    • Ranking of most common analytical techniques to characterize organic coatings
    • Sample spectra/images from characterization technique