Paul Stenson

Paul Stenson

StanChem Polymers

Redesigned Acrylic Emulsions for Enhanced Tannin and Stain Blocking

Dr Paul Stenson is CEO of StanChem Inc. which. comprises two companies – StanChem Polymers which is a manufacturer of water-based acrylic , vinyl acrylic and styrene acrylic polymers for the coatings and adhesives industries, and Albi Protective Coatings which focuses on the specialty sector of fire protective intumescent paints.    Prior to joining stanChem in 2017 ,Dr Stenson has worked with development of emulsions during his career at DSM NeoResins and Valspar/EPS.

Dr Stenson earned a PhD in chemistry from University College Dublin, Ireland in 1986 and studied at Institute Chimie Substances Naturelles – Paris, France.

Qualifications: BSc (Science), PhD (Chemistry).